LetzAd.com is an Internet advertising portal. Lots of business owners, organizations and service providers are placing their ads, promotions, offers, deals, announcements, inaugurations, new arrivals, events, activities, carnivals, exhibitions, festivals, gatherings, stage shows, workshops, buy, sell, rentals, etc in LetzAd.com. Ads are updated daily basis under different categories. Ads are categorized as Offers, Announcements, Happenings, Buy-n-Sell, Profiles. All these Ads can be posted freely.

The various categories of Ads are listed under selected countries, states or locations. LetzAd.com is supporting ads from India, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE. We have plan to support other countries around the world in future.

LetzAd.com will list the business, trades or services in the supported countries under category "Profiles". This will be useful for the public to search and locate the business or organization or service they are looking for. Listing under profiles is also free. But, if you just pay a minimum maintenance fee, your profile with full page details with images will  get listed for ever.