LEVELS ® is a social network that has a set out to revolutionize the luxury industry by implementing a new service which eradicates the need to present any form of payment because clients are recognized by their face and can dine, shop and travel without ever paying on premise, receiving bills on their phone after transacting.  

As one of many services, restaurants and shopping around the world, LEVELS ® is working with
The Private Suite LAX and the VIP Wing in Munich, Zurich and the VIP Service in Frankfurt to offer travelers a service we call LEVELS ® UP, which introduces a new way to cross the Atlantic allowing travelers to experience an end-to-end check-in and security process currently only offered for those traveling on private jets.

Using the LEVELS ® UP service travelers are no longer subject to shared barefoot TSA screening halls or waiting in long lines to go through border crossing.  LEVELS ® UP also eliminates the lengthy and time-consuming departure process – travelers can arrive up to 30 minutes prior to their flight and will be driven via a private vehicle to/from the aircraft on both legs of their journey, the arrival process including immigration in both, Europe and the US, usually takes less than 20 minutes from the plane to the curb.  

The basis of the name LEVELS ® is us publicly categorizing clients by their spending behavior in eleven consecutive levels. The more they spend, the higher the level our clients obtain and associated with the various levels our trading partners offer benefits, such as guaranteed seating or after-hours shopping in the most renowned places around the world.

LEVELS ® offers the first of its kind, unique opportunity to capture social status of our clients by every dollar spent in any area of the luxury market, dining, travel, shopping, on our global platform. This increases our client’s level and rewards provided by our trading partners every time they transact using LEVELS ®. This world-wide door opener is coupled with a benefit what we call “get up and go”, meaning our clients never have to wait for payment processing to complete, as the merchant recognizes the client upon arrival by their face.  

Utilizing LEVELS ®, clients take their social status with them wherever they go world-wide which means our clients, depending on their level, get access to overbooked restaurants, afterhours shopping, can dine without waiting for a check or receive their keys in hotels without waiting at the reception area to check in using our seamless payment & booking solution.