LiGo offers a unique combination of a wearable device and mobile application, which utilizes a proprietary matchmaking algorithm and state of the art low-energy Bluetooth technology. This opens up new event scenarios as people with similar interests make real-time connections as they navigate through the event.

LiGo is extremely easy to use. Each attendee simply selects the attributes they’re looking for, attaches the clip to their name badge, and LiGo does the rest – letting you and others know when people with matching interests are nearby.

For event attendees, LiGo will help find the most valuable connections in a timely manner. With LiGo, finding other attendees with matching interests and creating or joining groups based on a particular interest is easy--the wearable device does all the matchmaking work in real time and signals when a match is nearby. LiGo makes sure the connections you make are meaningful—connections that might lead to a new job, a new business, or a strong personal relationship.

For event organizers, LiGo is a powerful event management tool, which offers customizable solutions for marketing, attendee engagement and tracking event dynamics. Send real time messages to targeted attendee segments based on their profiles or levels of engagement. Real-time data tracking offers a unique ability to get powerful insights into attendee behavior at the event. With LiGo, examine your attendee’s journey through the event floor and make instant enhancements on the spot, or use data intelligence to understand interests and preferences for future marketing. Know what your attendees are doing, where they spend their time, and who they are interacting with to create unique experiences for future events.

For sponsors, LiGo opens up the door to effective promotions through real-time targeted messaging. Reach attendees in the context that makes sense, or create gamification scenarios and intrigue attendees to interact with your brand in a fun and meaningful way.

For exhibitors, LiGo lets you know who your best leads are. Boost your ROI by sending real-time follow up messages to qualified leads and to attendees who have already visited the booth. Attract new attendees by sending targeted messages with incentive offers to visit the booth, especially when traffic is slow.