Leading and Executing Projects
PLS provides leadership resources to lead the client's project team
PLS partners with the client's team to define measurable outcomes, develop a plan, and create a credible schedule
PLS aligns organizational expectations and leads the team to successful results
While leading the team, PLS models highly effective project management techniques

Resolving Crises
This represents a typical reason clients engage PLS
PLS helps lead the client organization through project or business-level crisis situation
PLS brings a totally objective mindset into these situations which is imperative in problem solving

On-Demand Executive Leadership
PLS provides immediate placement of leaders to provide interim functional leadership or to stabilize and revitalize an organization
Typically includes talent assessments, process streamlining, true prioritization, enhanced communication
These assignments range from a few months to multi-year

Mentoring and Training Leaders
PLS seeks to leave a lasting impact for client organizations – this is most often accomplished by mentoring and coaching internal leaders to uplift their leadership horsepower
PLS can work in the background to coach an internal leader

Improving and Optimizing Processes
PLS brings their deep experience and the most appropriate tools forward to optimize processes and improve results
PLS has optimized processes and achieved tangible improvements across industries – medical devices, health care, commercial products, and non-profits