Master Perfumer & Aromatherapist....since 1975

As a master perfumer my goal is to maintain my perspective for the ancient art as an artist. Each bottle is created one at a time. I enjoy working with a very diverse clientele base and love the challenge of creating a new fragrance for someone who I have an ongoing working relationship with. It is great to see all the different ways people work with the quantum alchemy.

One on one client service with attention to detail, astrological service, tarot and I use Gail Blackman's W.I.S.E. Approach and her Tenets of Pure Intent in all my work assuring all blends and formulas are of the highest integrity.

My client base includes A listers, discreet socialites, business owners, bankers, international political and arts intellectuals, painters, sculptors, music producers, actors, actresses, real estate brokers, supermodels, activists, fundraisers and consultants, writers and james bond types.....people trust me with their private details. When working on a private blend for a client, often I will look at the aspects in their chart now, as progressions and transits to form that picture of what is happening in their world now. Then you can gain more information from a tarot reading showing what the client is manifesting and pulling in....often this assists in the creation of the blend. I have been told that the perfumes and rare botanical skin care that i create is luxurious and very soothing. People love to work with the quantum alchemy to shift themselves emotionally.