Life Coaching by Lorene Cowan a Lifestyle Management Company directly embraces the concept of lifestyle improvement. Lorene will provide personal coaching  to all or specific areas of an individual’s life ranging from family to professional matters.

Lorene will work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to develop internet marketing and online business strategies. She will also work to help the client define visions that lead to the creation of achievable strategic goals. Career track: Lorene will directly discuss and help you resolve obstacles to your employment and career success. She will assist you in formulating career goals and strategies, both short-and-long term. Green track:  Lorene will work with clients on achieving their health goals while considering ways to minimize their impact on the environment and ensure that their home and work environments are equally healthy. Life track: LC by LC a Lifestyle Management Company will create relationships with clients that want to be held accountable for their dreams through goals, action, focus, motivation, and encouragement.  Wellness track: With an emphasis on balance and behavioral change Lorene will work with you on the area of nutrition, fitness, stress management and self-empowerment.