"Life Matters" is America’s #1 Advice/Personal/Health Talk Show in the Life Category*. The weekly one hour radio program focused on the important matters of life: health, family, relationships, trends, current events, personal finance and more. Including personal stories that will move, amuse and inspire.  The show features interviews with a wide range of persons whose efforts influence peoples lives. “Life Matters doesn’t just inform people,” says Host Larry Bofman, “it entertains them in their pursuit of happiness – fostering a true sense of enjoyment.”  Rounding out the cast and sharing the air with Bofman is insurance consumer advocate, J.D. Howard and television personality, Nikki Freitag. Life Matters is a Life Matters Media Presentation.

Life Matters Media, LLC is committed to providing quality programming aimed at enhancing the lives of our listeners. Our goal is always to inform, entertain, enlighten, inspire and uplift.  We focus upon these things because. . . Life Matters.

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