The Lifepath Unlimited Business Opportunity is Exploding in Canada...

Lifepath Unlimited trainer & mentor, Jodi Lee, lead a rapidly expanding global team of entrepreneurs, marketing the Lifepath Unlimited home based business opportunity (the only home business to get the Citizencorps 5-star rating) from her home in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Personal development is a $10 Billion per year industry offering truly recession proof, work from home business opportunities.

For individuals who are ready to create dynamic personal change and an unlimited financial future for themselves, Jodi Lee provides experienced leadership and full Canada based support and training marketing the Lifepath Unlimited range of products and income opportunity globally, and working with motivated entrepreneurs throughout the world.

Representing some the most dynamic and creative thinking in personal development today, the Lifepath Unlimited range of products was provides a groundbreaking personal and professional opportunity for those seeking to reach their full potential and make positive change in their lives.

Lifepath Unlimited's Discovery Series is a step by step guide to liberating your full potential and personal power, utilising state of the art technology to deliver a 56 day guided training program, backed by a full money back guarantee. The result of expert contributions from 14 world recognised coaches, authors and motivational leaders at the forefront of personal development, Discovery offers true personal transformation, hand in hand with a business opportunity that delivers a real path to financial freedom.

Breakthrough is the 2nd product in the continuing education series, held at fabulous resort settings, providing the opportunity to build on the insights gained from the Discovery Series, push past limiting beliefs and take your life to a whole new level.

The final product in the Lifepath Unlimited range is called Destiny, a deeply transformational event held in luxurious locations around the world, designed to provide a platform for people access to their ultimate inner power, and use this knowledge to transform their own lives at every level.

At Last...

A company has developed truly life-changing products, attached to a business model that can deliver a real path to achieve your goals and start living the life you deserve.

Lifepath Unlimited.

For more information visit: www.RoadToAbundantWealth.com