LifeSmart Publishing provides resources for educators, parents, and students to prepare young people to flourish in adulthood. Through books, curriculum, speaking engagements, and a blog, LifeSmart inspires and equips adolescents with the leadership and life skills needed to succeed. Its "What I Wish I Knew at 18" book and curriculum, LifeSmart helps students build their leadership foundation and prepare for college, career, family, and finance. These resources are training young people on a global basis. LifeSmart also helps parents prepare their teens, and themselves, for a successful launch. Through its two parenting books, "Parenting for the Launch: Raising Teens to Succeed in the Real World" and "Wings Not Strings: Parenting Strategies to Let Go with Confidence," LifeSmart prepares the entire family to flourish. Finally, LifeSmart also offers speaking engagements to schools and parenting organizations and programs on a wide variety of topics to prepare adolescents to thrive.