Lifespan Seminar is a health and wellness institution based in Los Angeles, California, and renowned worldwide for its innovative research in the field of human lifespan. Lifespan Seminars teach that we can sense how long we can live. How does this benefit life? When we are able to see the entire structure of our life we are better able to deal with the everyday challenges we confront.

Using Body Consciousness Techniques, such as meditation, pressure points, ring muscles, and touch triggers we help participants to understand the amount of energy that their body contains, and provide Self-management Skills, such as breathing, good nutrition, sufficient rest, and active lifestyle to enable them to use this energy in the best possible manner. This increased mental and physical awareness gives participants a framework of wellness and reduces stress and anxieties.

For institutions, we have specially designed training workshops for individuals at the executive, middle-management, and staff levels. Participants in these sessions learn simple and sensible lifelong choices which lead to higher personal productivity and increased company efficiency. Healthy individuals make healthy companies.

"Guy and Teresa [Guy Joseph Ale, President, and Teresa Mishler, Programming Director], your Lifespan Seminar series has certainly become one of the highlights of both my professional and personal life this year. One of the many benefits of participating (not just attending) your classes, is learning and adopting several practical, do-able and profound ways to communicate with myself and with others.

From a professional perspective I am now able to more effectively provide the information, products and services to past, present and future clients and customers. From a personal perspective I am able to "tap into" the infinite resources available to me that keep me balanced, focused and centered in who I am and 'what I bring to this party called life.'

Like fine art, good wine and moments to remember, your Lifespan Seminar series only gets better with time" - Warren Lanier Jr., Chief Visionary Officer, Bridge Point Marketing, Los Angeles, CA