Is there a better way to take in nutritional supplements to improve your health?

The answer is YES!  

The Lifestyle Patch brand is centered around people first and foremost. The world is changing and we decided its time to bring a game changer to the health and wellness world. For decades our customers have taken vitamin pills to assist with daily nutrition. Have you ever wondered if your vitamin pills or capsules were actually effective? With the new vitamin patch system you will feel the difference.

Vitamin pills release low absorption of nutrients into the body and much of their active ingredients can be destroyed in the stomach, greatly reducing its effectiveness. Our vitamin patches or the more technical term, "transdermal patches" create the solution to this problem of having to digest a pill but rather increase the likelihood of successful distribution of nutrients to the body.

Our transdermal patch technology offers a key component to delivery with is a  slow release of nutrients directly into your system, and through the skin to reach maximum absorption by the body and completely by passing the digestive system entirely. Recent studies have shown that the human body can absorb up to 10 times more nutrients using transdermal patches than we can with vitamin pills or capsules. This would also ring true with oral liquid vitamins. Although the liquid is easier to digest, its still uncertain how much our digestive system will reject and accept of certain nutrients.

Vitamin patches deliver around 95% more dosage directly to the blood stream and oral vitamins have to pass the hepatic (liver first) pathway where the dosage of nutrient is greatly reduced.

We invite you to try our patches, give us feedback and share your success stories so we can continue to spread the word and continue the innovation of vitamin patches. For more information you can visit our website at http://lifestylepatch.com