Compelling stories about fascinating people. Stories from the news. Stories from our own lives. The stories of what is happening in the world around us. At Lifetree Café we explore all those stories – and work on making sense of God, faith and our lives.

Our intention is not to steal the credo from "Cheers" but over time Lifetree Café does become that place "where everybody knows your name."

Come in, grab a beverage, find a seat and introduce yourself. Whether you've been personally invited or you've come in all alone, Lifetree Café is that place to connect with others, to explore and discuss real life topics, and have the chance to dialogue in a safe, caring environment. Check for the time and place that the Lifetree Café in your area is meeting, and please, come "Join the Conversation!"

Lifetree Café - "Doing Life. Doing Good."