The premier guide to what makes New York tic with impartial articles explaining proposed legislation, issues facing our community, and the culture that is uniquely New York.

“New York deserves more than a quick skim with a slanted point of view. Informed NY keeps its stories neutral , imparting knowledge without framing the narrative. Informed NY, as the name implies, allows readers to submit Letters to the Editor and commentary so that New York residents may have their voices heard. From state legislation (or federal legislation that affects us here in our great state) to food & drink and events, Informed NY will keep you up to date and intelligently informed. Our vision is to be your go-to trusted companion for everything New York” said Lisa Vallone.

This magazine is part of the READ ANYWHERE Movement, a free online plus print on demand magazine, that boasts strategically placed attention-grabbing stories and images that tell a story.  It accompanies a popular podcast,“Tell What You Really Think”, where discussion becomes more candid and points of view more obvious by those who join on its open policy show. The Tell Me What You Really Think is available on 7 different platforms, including Apple™, Pandora,  and Spotify.