Light Up Education LLC (LUE) is based out of Raleigh, NC and is a pioneer in the development of science and engineering curricula intended for elementary age children.  Sam Dirani and Matthew Mendler founded Light Up Education in 2011 after collaboration with Hilburn Academy, a Wake County public elementary school.  Working closely with educators, they developed educational content and tested it in the classroom.
The company is seeking to increase scientific awareness and problem-solving abilities in children while ensuring that learning is fun and engaging.  Their online program, Adventures in Science with Matt and Sam was originally created in 2009 by Sam Dirani and Matthew Mendler and has become an integral part of LUE.  It currently contains three sections; a variety of live-action video adventures that introduce students to a loveable cast of characters on an enduring quest for knowledge, downloadable workbook pages that continue the adventures and online games that challenge students through friendly competition.   The program currently supports a majority of first grade science curricula and STEM initiatives around the country and is being offered for FREE to all.