Mission Statement for Little One Productions

I have been working in documentary film since 1993, when I began my
first project, A Chance to Grow.  That film took almost 8 years to
complete, and I took on many roles: directing, producing, writing,
shooting, publicity, and more. A Chance to Grow was broadcast on
national and international venues, won several awards, and continues
a healthy life in educational distribution.

I have also produced/directed two short documentaries and one
experimental short. These reflect my mission statement to make films
that are rich in compassion and a healthy dose of humor, films that
look at what ties us together rather than what rips us apart.

I look for what I call the “so-what factor,” asking what is this
about BESIDES what it’s about, mining each situation to find the
poetry and meaning tucked into circumstances that most people would

- the frightening experience of having a premature baby, distilling
parental love to its most elemental form (A Chance to Grow; www.achancetogrowfilm.com);

- the devastation of having an infant diagnosed with cancer that
proves paradoxically life-affirming (Christina);

- the story of a family whose front yard would come to be known as
Ground Zero (Liberty Street)

- a look at aging that reveals how creative, resilient attitudes can
reshape our older years (Light Years, work-in-progress; www.lightyearsfilm.com).

I continue to work part-time as a nurse in a newborn intensive care unit.
While nursing and filmmaking might not seem an obvious duo, they meet
at the common ground of deeply human stories.

Working in a hospital gave me valuable experience dealing with people
in vulnerable situations. I try to help subjects discover a sense of
meaning as they share their experiences via the camera, and the level
of trust that I establish yields intimate and candid responses.

Most relevant to my current project is my understanding, as both a
nurse and a filmmaker, that the opportunity for creative self-
expression is a crucial ingredient for healing, ushering in new
dimensions to our lives whether we are eight, eighteen, or eighty.