Lighter Alarm Lets Smokers Track Lighters via Their Smartphones

Lighter Alarm is an innovative new solution that answers the age-old problem of
losing a lighter by combining smartphone and Bluetooth technology.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 2, 2015 – Lighter Alarm has announced the official debut of the company’s Kickstarter campaign to bring their innovative solution to life. Lighter Alarm combines smartphone and Bluetooth LE technology to provide a solution to losing lighters.

According to Lighter Alarm, 2.19 billion lighters are sold each year, or 6 million lighters per day, worldwide. Many of those lighters go missing, costing consumers a significant amount of money, not to mention lost time searching for the missing lighter. Lighter Alarm’s solution is both intuitive and innovative.

“We’ve been devoted toward revolutionizing the lighter industry, and we are thrilled to bring this product to a market in need,” stated company founder, Luca Nowozeniuk.

Lighter Alarm is a slim Bluetooth LE enabled, rigid PVC sleeve, into which the lighter slides securely. It syncs with the user’s smartphone and allows the lighter to be tracked via the accompanying app. Users always know where their lighter is at all times.

The alarm has a maximum range of 150 feet, although users can adjust the distance via the app for a shorter range if necessary. The app features three modes. Find-It allows users to track their lighter within the device’s range, emitting an audible alert when it is located. Save-It mode alerts users if they move out of range of their lighter, so it’s never left behind. Finally, Misplaced-It shows users the last known location of their lighter (when it is out of range).

Additionally, Lighter Alarm is reusable. The battery will last six months to a year, and can be accessed via the screw-on cover at the bottom and removed. Replacement batteries can be purchased at most retail stores.

Lighter Alarm will be available in six colors (blue, red, green, white, orange and black), as well as two Kickstarter exclusive options – clear and gold. It is compatible with iOS 7, as well as any Android device running Android version 4.3 or higher.

“A lot of time and energy has been invested to ensure that Lighter Alarm stands out amid our competition,” added A.J. Gress, cofounder of Lighter Alarm.

To learn more about Lighter Alarm, visit http://www.LighterAlarm.com, or https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lighteralarm/lighter-alarm-track-your-lighter-viayour- smartpho

About Lighter Alarm: Lighter Alarm was conceived by two friends during a smoke break. They both realized they kept accidentally stealing each other’s lighters during smoke breaks and that half the time, they could never find a lighter. Realizing this was a major trend, the idea of Lighter Alarm was born.

Contact: Luca Nowozeniuk & A.J. Gress
Name: Lighter Alarm
Phone: 412-468-3500
Web Address: http://www.LighterAlarm.com
Email: Info@LighterAlarm.com
Source: Luca Nowozeniuk