Lightning Charts with Choice•Point™ technology was created by two ER physicians. One owns an ED billing company and one is a software designer.

We know that choosing the right ER physician documentation system is one of the most important decisions an ED physician will make. Not only will you use it every day on every patient, it will also in large part, determine your reimbursement, your turnaround times, your overall satisfaction with your practice and if you get to go home on time.

We believe that ER physician documentation must:
•Be easy-to-use
•Produce a great chart
•Be fast
•And be useable at the bedside.

Our latest product is a totally new charting system. Lightning Charts utilizes our unique Choice•Point™ technology that generates a chart that reads and prints like a transcribed record, codes like the best template out there and can be done fast, at the bedside. This software is exciting. It works and is easy and satisfying to use.