Lights of America is proud to announce a new line of Commercial grade LED product’s to support the commercial distributors and end users alike. Lights of America’s line of Commercial grade LED lighting products feature advanced circuitry, superior thermal management, Energy Star compliance, DLC listing and extended product warranties (exclusive to commercial customers).*  Lights of America’s focus on quality provide distributors and end users confidence that its LED lighting products will perform when needed.  
Lights of America, is a premier and pioneering AMERICAN Lighting Manufacturer** located in the Southern California, with a regional distribution center in Philadelphia that services the north east.   Since its founding in 1978, Lights of America’s many innovations has been founded on the principal of making American-made products for American consumers, using the latest technologies at affordable prices.  Unlike its competitors who rely heavily on foreign production, Lights of America has made conscientious effort to maximize production in the United States.  Toward that end, it has strived to become a vertically integrated manufacturer, all while keeping costs less than or equal to the importers.  Indeed, Lights of America performs most of its own engineering and product design in its California facility. That facility is also home to Lights of America’s designers and manufacturing operations, where it performs extensive quality control at each stage in the manufacturing process.   Lights of America takes pride in seeing its products flourish from concept to application.
Because Lights of America strives to manufacture of its products by Americans for Americans, its perspective is very different than suppliers who are simply IMPORTERS of finished products from overseas (importers often have little control over the manufacturing process, and are usually more focused on arbitraging/cutting costs between supply and demand prices).  Moreover, because Lights of America performs most of its own engineering, design, and manufacturing locally, it is very quick to update its products to their highest and best uses, unlike importers who take years to learn from the design-manufacturing-market feedback loop.   Lights of America strives to provide its customers with the latest technologies at reasonable prices, and to produce products in a timely manner, all with the capacity to meet increased demand when needed by its valued customers.  
Lights of America looks forward to welcoming our channel partners across the United States, and look forward to many new success stories together