Like-Mindz serves as a global forum for “alike minds” gathering in the moment, in the now. We are from all walks of life, we are compatible in many ways and different in others but we are able to co-exist, learn and evolve because we have silenced the ego and the inner drive for materialism. We understand that with concentration of “Thought and Mind,” we have the possibility to create life and have such depth the world has never before understood.

This site embodies alike-minds approach to the many questions that humanity has never before been able to satisfactory provide answers. The contributors are alike minds of who address much-disputed subjects, while bringing to bear these subjects in civil conversations.

We encourage informed, open-minded dialogue between other alike minds as well as between scientist and theologians as they apply themselves to the most profound issues in their particular disciplines. And, in a more practical vein, we seek to stimulate new thinking about ourselves as members of the human race and the role each of us have in a sustainable and happy world as we journey towards evolving within the global consciousness.

Also, we support work at the world’s learning institutions such as fields as theoretical physics, cosmology, evolutionary biology, cognitive science, social science that include modern and ancient societies and culture as well as programs relating to love, forgiveness, creativity, human nature and purpose.

Most importantly, by our gathering and conversations, we intend to promote dialogue that transcends familiar rhetoric and stock answers.