Lilly's makes hummus for people, because people need real food!

At Lilly's Hummus we use 100% organic garbanzo beans, real imported olive oil and 100% pure tahini. All of our vegetables are gathered from local, sustainable Oregon and Washington farms. You'll never find any artificial ingredients or preservatives in Lilly's Hummus. Our chief concerns when making our hummus is your health and enjoyment! In addition to putting lots of love and care into our hummus, we are generous contributors to our community, giving back at every opportunity.

Lilly’s Hummus came to be 6 years ago when Lilly Miscoe whipped up a batch of hummus for a dinner party using some jalapenos and red peppers she roasted over her husband’s new invention; hazelnut shell briquettes. Though the briquettes contained no nut-meats, the shells imparted a unique smokey flavor that remains a delicious feature of our smoked hummus flavors.

That first batch of hummus became such a favorite with Lilly’s family and friends, that she and her husband, Michael, began selling it at local farmer’s markets. Before long, Lilly’s Hummus was popping up in Portland Co-ops and natural food stores. Today, you can find Lilly’s Hummus in grocery stores nationwide