Welcome to Lincoln Waste Solutions where we will save you a minimum of 10% on your current waste spend and we will put that in writing. Most businesses are paying too much for their waste disposal needs, and don’t even know it. Up front, we will prove to you that we will provide substantial savings. We are not making promises of potential savings but we are guaranteeing to reduce your waste removal bills.

Lincoln Waste Solutions is your remote trash department. We will put each of your locations out for competitive bidding, get you the best deal, assign you an account manager and send you one consolidated bill. If you do not save money, we do not get paid.

As a waste auditing consulting group and waste broker, Lincoln Waste Solutions specializes in managing the waste disposal needs of clients with multiple locations across the United States and Canada. Whether it be solid waste, recyclables or roll-offs, Lincoln Waste Solutions can ensure that you are receiving the best service at the best price.