The Globalfamily Day Program is dedicated to spreading word of the international holiday Globalfamily Day. On January 1st of every year, people around the world (all ages, races, religions, and cultures) break bread, pledge non-violence, and ring a bell or beat a drum together in pursuit of human unity.  

This holiday has been endorsed by 28 sitting heads of state, the Papal Nuncio, Putin's right hand man, and ambassadors representing 3/4 of the worlds population.

Resolutions concerning Globalfamily Day have been passed by U.S. Congress twice and by the U.N. General Assembly once.

Unfortunately, for the past eight years, GfDay has gotten ZERO media attention.

Our mission is to have President Obama lead the world by publicly celebrating Globalfamily Day, along with his quintessential "global family", on January 1st, 2010.