Linda Solotaire believes in the democratization of the arts - that is, that creativity is intrinsic to a healthy human psyche, and that our work as artists is intrinsic to the health of our society. She works as an advocate for the arts, and helps artists to become empowered in ways that lead to their success.

Linda Solotaire is a jazz vocalist and leader with The Linda Solotaire Quartet. She also performs an eclectic jazz, rock & rock blues repertoire with her musical partner, arranger/ guitarist & bassist Stu Greenspan, Linda Solotaire & Friends.

Linda Solotaire founded SOLOROHM Associates in 2005 after working as a freelance arts consultant and arts administrator for several years. SOLOROHM Associates has worked with many different kinds of artists, arts and other not-for-profit organizations, helping them to strengthen infrastructures, increase audiences & ticket revenues, integrating marketing and developement strategies, and more.