We work with all sorts of transfer students, most commonly CA community college applicants. Areas we cover to ensure the best possible application include:

--Strategizing major across several UC platforms
--Help with matching non-CCC courses with UC courses
--General education (breadth and IGETC) course fulfillment basics
--English and math requirements
--English proficiency rules for international students
--How to calculate units, including sequence courses and AP/IB credit
--Resolving bad grades
--Personal statement support
--Preparing the TAG application (guaranteed admission program)
--How to use the priority admission program at UCLA
--Haas School of Business support
--Choosing the best activities to boost your application
--Planning an efficient two-year CCC schedule
--One year transfer strategies
--UC-to-UC, Out of State, and International transfer support
--Audits, Augmented Reviews, Waitlists, and Appeals