Venues use their manager account on our website to post events featuring specials, such as a two for one beer, with a needed attendance number, and other useful event information. These events immediately appear on our app. At any time, they are able to post announcements and useful event updates to their event pages through their manager account on our website.

Our users then see the events on the app ahead of time and activate the specials by clicking attending on event pages. For instance the two for one beer needs 25 attendees ahead of time, so if over 25 of our users click attending on that event page, the two for one is activated. Then users may redeem the special during the event right through the app. All they need to do is click the redeem special button and show the following venue confirm button to the bartender, and that's it!

Local bars and venues are now able to track their attendance ahead of time and easily match that data with their redemption totals and revenue, therefore quantifying and proving our value. This information is important for venues to understand their reach and increase their event promotions. The best part is, the application is free for both venues and users.