We have a new unique link building system in our network of sites. We own some never before seen HYBRID directory's. Our directory's are much more then just a collection of links sitting in random category's. In our directory's you create web pages that detail and describe your website and that deeplink to various points of interest on your website. Our directory's are also content rich instead of being just a collection of links in random category's. This benefits the webmasters who place their aboutus pages on our directory's for these reasons:

* Web page optimization: you create your about us pages so you control exactly how it looks , what meta tags you use, keyword density, link anchors ect. You are in total control on optimizing your page for SEO purposes.

* Deep links: You can place up to 30 deep links pointing to various points of interest on your website. This helps your site get ranked well on pages other then just your homepage.

* Content rich: We require you to have one piece of content per web page. This assures your web page gets some search SEO love, content is king and having one piece of content on your web page improves your web page and the network your web pages reside on overall. With this requirement in place our hybrid directory's are content rich instead of being just a collection of spammy looking paid links and offers any visitors to your page value. With our content rich pages on our network of sites your not buying links , your buying your own page with your own links that YOU choose.

* Life time hosting of your web page. Once you send your page to be uploaded to our network of sites , your web page will remain in place hosted on one of our directory's for life or until you request it be taken down. You will never be charged a fee each year to keep your web page and links online. There is a $5.00 USD web page removal fee should you for some reason request removal of your web page. You own your hosted web page we make no stake or claim in ownership of your web page and you maintain full intellectual property rights to your hosted content.

Buying links can backfire on a webmaster. With our system and network you are not buying links yet you get links on a web page that you create and have total control over while providing value to the internet versus buying a spammy link on some random website.

We just launched in July 2009, our sites are new but growing our page rank will increase very quickly due to our business model. We have an excellent business model and our HYBRID directory's will soon grow big and be well ranked in the search engines. We are the progenitors of a new type of directory and business model online. The time to get into our network of sites is NOW while the price is lower and while our sites are still growing. This is a long term investment any serious webmaster should invest into.