We build The List, You Get The Sales.
In LinkedIn’s Ocean Of B2B Prospects, We’ll Find The Ones Who’ll Buy From You Because Your List Is Only As Good As The Names On It
As a small marketing business owner you know how crucial the quality of your email list is.
Well, we do too.
Linkedinleads mission is to provide you with a list of highly-specific B2B lead generation contacts (we also specialize as a B2C lead generation company) which not only enhances your network marketing, but boosts sales and gives you the sort of long-term connections which become customers for years to come.
By taking the info you give us about your ideal prospect, we dive deep into the over 450 million LinkedIn profiles, performing extensive research to find you the best possible contacts for your list. We then take these names and create a list filled with business owners who actually want what you’re selling.
Simply put…
You’re going to start making more money.
We know it’s tough to survive and thrive as a small business.
Long hours. Endless bills. And most importantly…
We understand the struggle to find the sort of contacts for your email list who’ll become actual buyers.
So we formed Linkedinleads.
We’re a network marketing company whose mission is simple, to provide you with an effective, efficient marketing list which quickly boosts sales and helps grow your business.
Some of our specialties include providing premium:
• Health leads
• Forex leads
• Vacation home leads
• MLM leads
This means no more wasting time trying to get those mythical leads for free, spinning your wheels following worn out traditional list building strategies, and shelling out your hard-earned cash for lists loaded with worthless names and SPAM traps.
So if you’re ready to invest in a list which actually gets you sales – not headaches – then give us a shout TODAY with any thoughts or questions you might have.
We know there’s a whole bunch of B2B list providers out there promising your small business the world.
But unless you want thousands of contacts who’ll delete your email as fast as they see it you’ve got to be smart when choosing your provider.
At Linkedinleads we know the frustrations small businesses face with list building challenges, and more importantly, we know how to build a B2B list that actually sells.
For the past 2 years we’ve excelled in providing superior B2B leads through LinkedIn by performing countless hours of research…
Isolating the thousands of potential clients and customers who best fit your target audience…
And through properly validated tools like Repportive  and Email Hunter, deploying our lead generation software to create customized lists which meet the exact profiles of our clients’ ideal customers.
That means more sales and more money for you.
So if you’re ready to hear more on how we can build you a list which takes your small business to a bigger better place than it is today,
give us a shout. If you want to know more, just give us a shout…