“LinktoPro.com is the premiere, Short-term Talent Sourcing Marketplace that creates a cost-effective, alternate hiring solution, creates a common, consistent Project Management approach, and stimulates economic growth for both industry and workforce.

We're providing a solution to the market that will cut the cost of marketing and sourcing, lowers the cost of adoption, provides a single transaction payment management system, and works as a robust marketing engine for both provider and buyer.”

LinktoPro.com is a web-based marketplace for Consultants, Contractors, Experts, Freelancers and Professionals in all fields to connect with Businesses and Organizations of all size in need of short-term or variable-term project assistance.

What LinktoPro.com Is

LinktoPro.com is:
Comprehensive, web-based workspace
Tools to connect businesses of any size to a global network
Flexible, short-term professionals
Secure and collaborative environment

LinktoPro.com does:
Eliminate barriers found in traditional workplace
Transform online work industry
Foster the ability to create, collaborate and share in real time

LinktoPro.com will:

Features and Benefits

Take advantage of LinktoPro.com’s highly effective Recommendation Engine to find a qualified professional for your project. After you post a project, the Recommendation Engine updates every 2 minutes to provide the best matches.

Full suite of live conferencing tools that allow you to collaborate with your professional(s) in real-time. Tools include whiteboard, screen-sharing, video, chat, messaging and much more.

Use LinktoPro.com’s full functioning Project Management application to stay in touch with your team and on top of your projects. The workspace, chat and web conferencing tools allow you to collaborate with your professional(s) in real time and keep all of your work in one place. Store and archive tasks, files, and other project critical material.

LinktoPro.com offers the ability to assign milestone payments for your project and use our escrow system to set up payments in advance or choose direct transfer to pay your professional. You’ll also be able to Rank the Professional to help them build their portfolio of success. LinktoPro.com is an eTrust certified site.

How it Works

For Businesses and Organizations wishing to post a project on LinktoPro.com, registration and sign-up is free. The best part of our site is that no payment is required until performance has been delivered. Our model is that our success is aligned with your success. At the time of paying your contractor for value-delivered services, only then is there a small fee (15%), associated with the compensation provided to your service provider. You may read our entire User Agreement here: http://www.linktopro.com/agreement.

We developed LinktoPro.com to better suit the needs of both businesses and expert talent in that our site features an advanced talent and skill matching engine, and a complete suite of Project Management and Communication tools unlike any current offering.

We have succeeded in taking the concept of freelance skill marketing to a new level. Our product is highly secure, flexible and scalable for any size business or organization, requires no download of software, and offers a one-stop, self-contained project talent and project management portal.

We recognize that as businesses and organizations continue to increase the use of interim workers – an on-demand, flexible workforce with specialized skills and consultants - complications arise from the use of various, inconsistent project management tools and tracking systems; reporting, fee schedules, and contractor compliance documents are examples.  LinktoPro.com brings a consistent suite of project management and communication tools to this growing need, providing one platform and one unified standard.

About Our Organization

At LinktoPro.com, our competencies include innovative technology partnered with highly skilled engineers, delivering executive-level consumers and decision-makers with a product that brings an unprecedented solution to both Project Talent Matching and Project Management in one Portal.

LinktoPro.com allows companies and organizations to avoid the unknown stemming from an inability to oversee each and every aspect of a project staffed by multiple external contractors - from start to finish - and to evaluate each step along the way. Through our suite of Project Management and Collaboration tools, managers may oversee and manage any project with transparency, and achieve new levels of success.