Linpop was born out of necessity, pain and sheer frustration of local business and domestic users requirement for better Internet connectivity and coverage for rural Lincolnshire.

It is Linpop's vision to develop the rural North Lincolnshire area and the Trent Valley as a major technological area for innovative web / internet rural office complexes – all focussed on internet services and web offerings (twitters, e-shops, portals etc etc.), operating in the local community and resurrecting the rural village life and reducing the carbon foot prints by working locally. We believe we need this type of program to extract young people from the cities back to the country.

Linpop is a major opportunity to provide work for rural communities that are continually dying through a lack of suitable work that attracts the younger generation. This scheme will do just that – attract the young web designers, media designers, films makers and internet entrepreneurs back into the country side via the use of good broadband facilities.

Linpop is here to provide :-

Quality High-Speed Wireless Broadband Internet connectivity.
Develop and work with existing business.
To attract new business and employment to rural Lincolnshire.
Breathe new life into other wise buildings that no longer had any modern commercial use.
Providing high-speed connections for rural schools, of which is so important for modern education.