Linx Consulting LLC offers electronic materials consulting services within the semiconductor, display, photovoltaic, MEMS, energy, and nanotechnology segments. Drawing on many years of experience developing, marketing, and consulting in the chemical industry, Linx Consulting offers unparalleled expertise and capabilities for driving strategic and tactical data generation and decision-making for users, specifiers and suppliers of electronic materials.

With growth in electronic materials continuing to outstrip growth of other specialty chemicals and advanced materials and dramatic growth in emerging segments such as 193nm photoresist, compound semiconductors, and copper CMP, the need for broad-based, accurate and perceptive market understanding and analysis is critical for participants in the electronics industry.

Many of the challenges in materials applications are very different when viewed from the perspective of the chemical industry. Our depth of knowledge in the chemical and advanced materials industries gives us a broader perspective of electronic materials and their impact on the development of products and solutions for the electronics markets.

Linx Consulting has developed a global network of consultants and materials analysts to offer a broader perspective of the electronic materials industry by combining expertise and capabilities from around the world. This global perspective allows Linx Consulting to reach all major markets for electronic materials and device manufacturing.

There are two ways for you to access Linx Consulting’s expertise in Electronic Materials. Linx Electronic Materials Industry Analysis Reports are a comprehensive set of reports that provide our clients with a detailed assessment of the current state of the market and consumption of advanced semiconductor wafer fabrication and photovoltaic cell consumables for various technologies and processes. In addition to our industry reports, we offer proprietary reports custom-designed for your company to meet your particular decision-making needs.