LioraFarkovitz.com is a creative team devoted to developing transformative message and promotional concepts for businesses and industry experts through a fusion of content development, content marketing and the strategic placement of content within the media.

It was founded with the tag line "growing great ideas" in the fall of 2013. We develop digital content and distribute it through digital conduits that run the gamut, from downloadable files to promotional opportunities through the 24.7.365 news media.

Our Content Developer and Public Relations Professional work in tandem to craft and refine our clients’ content, messaging and image, until it is finely tuned, and create ways to share their ideas, objectives and goals.

Our clients are 'subject matter experts' who have extensive experience or disruptive business practices and who want to transform their message into many different formats, as well as distribute their vision into the marketplace. Our mission is to help them achieve those goals.