Liquid Print offers products wholesale to customers in the trade of Water Transfer Imaging. Liquid Print offers technical support to companies once they have established an account. Liquid Print will provide pricing and available products to customers and potential customers by request only. Liquid Print is not a supplier to the hobbyist or non commerical processor. Liquid Print prides itself on being an innovator in the industry, not a follower. We are professionals supporting professionals.
Liquid Print is a manufacturer - we control all aspects of our products from development and film printing to equipment construction. We can suit any customer's needs from basic systems to fully automated lines.
Through our water transfer imaging process, Liquid Print brings to our customers the opportunity to add value, beauty, and style, or simply personalize any object they wish. You can apply one of several hundred varied types of patterns (or limitless custom options) to any two- or three-dimensional object which will not be harmed by being submersed in water, and will not absorb water, on substrates such as plastic, metal, fiberglass, and hard woods. The applications are endless.