Liquidots has announced the launch of their peer-to-peer lending protocol for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The new protocol will allow holders of NFTs to borrow against their assets, while on the other hand investors can earn interests by providing liquidity to the NFT holders.

According to Liquidots, the new protocol is designed to "facilitate trustless transactions between all parties involved." The company plans to offer a variety of innovations and plans a token launch to support the development of the project.

"The launch of our protocol will provide much-needed liquidity to the NFT ecosystem and help unlock the value of these assets," said Liquidots CEO. "We are excited to work with the community to build a robust lending market for NFTs."

Liquidots CEO commented on the launch, stating that "the P2P lending market is ripe for disruption" and that the company's new protocol will provide "much-needed liquidity" to the NFT community.

With this announcement, Liquidots became one of the first companies in history to facilitate loans backed by digital assets collateralized by non-fungible tokens.