If you receive escrow documents from a liquor license broker with a Buyer or Seller listed as FTATTD LLC or Nominee and the Premise Address states "Premises to be Designated", call the CA. Dept. of Business Oversight at 1-866-275-2677 to report this activity or click the link to fill out their complaint form here: https://docqnet.dbo.ca.gov/complaint/

This particular liquor license broker tries to tie up your liquor license using a fake LLC (FTATTD LLC) or corporation name if you are a seller, while he looks for a buyer.

If you are a buyer, this particular broker uses the fake LLC (FTATTD LLC) or corporation name to tie up your money, while he searches for a license after telling you they already had a license secured. If you are a buyer who sent in a deposit for a license, a lot of times this particular company will make you sue them to get your deposit money back, once you figure out there is no real seller with a license for sale.

To check if your liquor license broker is on the up and up, ask them for their corporation name. You can type in their corporation name (not dba) into the Scribd lawsuit website https://www.scribd.com/explore/Stay-Informed (Use the search bar at the top of the page to see if your liquor license broker has lawsuits against them).

To check and see if the LLC or corporation is valid or fake on the escrow documents, put in the entity name of the buyer or seller on the escrow documents here: http://kepler.sos.ca.gov/

Another way to check if your seller or buyer is real is to look at the "Premise Address" of the buyer or seller on your escrow documents, if the escrow documents say "Premise to be Designated", you are getting scammed. Real buyers and sellers have real premise address's on all escrow documents.

It is my opinion that you should NEVER use a liquor license broker to purchase a liquor license who also controls the escrow company.

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