Designed To Sell Home Staging is an Exciting and Innovating Company that has broken away from just offering the Traditional In Home Services offered by Most other Staging Companies.

Accredited Home Stager Lisa Stefanuik realized that many people have been resisting Home Staging as a Marketing Option due to it's High Cost and Limited Options.

Designed To Sell Home Staging offers several price plans for both In Home and Online Services. Whether You invest in our knowledgeable advice and Stage the Home Yourself or Opt for us to undertake the project for you, You can be rest Assured that you will know your price up front with no Surprise Add Ons or being Pressured into Expensive up-sells.

Our Website is full of FREE advice and articles designed to help You make every project a success! Whether you are planning a Re-Design, or are looking for more information on the Home Staging process, we have what you are looking for.

What Does Winnipeg's Real Estate Blog Say
About Home Staging and Lisa Stefanuik?

"Whenever someone hears 'home-staging', they might envision a huge project, with truck-loads of furniture, rented art and lamps, decorations and yes, even rented 'fake fruit' for the kitchen counters. But reality is that it does not have to be THAT involved: home staging might take the form of simply re-arranging furniture, choosing a different color for the kitchen and de-cluttering.

Home buyers will, almost instinctively, make up their mind about your home within the first few minutes. It it looks cluttered, colors are off, or there is a hint of a 'smell', buyers will move on.

Home-staging is gaining in popularity, and is certainly well worth examining. As Lisa Stefanuik of "Designed-To-Sell-Home Staging" likes to say "You never get a second chance to make a first impression".

If You Want Economical Solutions for all your Home Staging and Re-design needs. We can tailor a plan to suit You and your budget, often using what's already in your home.

For more information on how Lisa Stefanuik and Designed to Sell Home Staging can help you sell your home faster and for more money, visit our website at http://www.designed-to-sell-homestaging.com.