The Law Offices of Lisa & Lesko is an intellectual property (IP) law firm with the skill, experience, and resources proven to succeed in the highly-specialized IP licensing and enforcement business. The Law Offices of Lisa & Lesko is unique in that our partners have a long history of successful contingent fee licensing and enforcement programs, including multiple highly lucrative, industry-wide licensing/enforcement programs throughout the last 35 years.

We work with a select group of experienced co-counsel and custom-selected experts, depending on the subject matter and technology involved. We carefully screen potential client matters and represent only a few clients at any given time, enabling our firm to provide the best possible service to our clients. This also results in credibility in the industry, as we are known for focusing our resources on patent portfolios with a high degree of merit.

Our firm’s successful representation of clients in the past means that we have the resources to forego hourly rate work in favor of contingent fee representation. By doing so, important intellectual property matters that would otherwise be abandoned can be protected and successfully licensed or enforced.

The firm has offices in Chicago (IL) and Scottsdale (AZ).

To discuss your inventions, trademarks, or literary works with a member of the firm, please call or email info@PatentIt.com.