ListersIn is an eBay listing software. Simple, easy and Gmail like user interface. Try free demo account before sign up!

There are many tools for eBay sellers. They have a lot of features but I think that many of them are a bit complicated. They have many menus, sub-menus and buttons. Sellers may have to click the buttons many times on daily work.

So I wanted to develop a new simple and easy listing software. I thought about how to handle many eBay items with simple user interface,

How about handling items like email? Gmail have great user interface to handle hundreds and thousands of emails every day. I like it.

So I developed a Gmail like listing management tool called "ListersIn". The name of this service doesn't mean much. I wanted to get a domain name which have an eBay related keyword, and I found a domain "listers.in" was available. That's all. It looks like LinkedIn, doesn't it?

ListersIn has following features.

- Manage multiple eBay accounts.
- Reply to messages from multiple eBay accounts.
- Add "Best Offer" option when unsold item is auto relisted.
- Upload 12 pictures for one item to eBay server at once.
- Simple and easy user interface.
- Find duplicate items by title.
- You can try a free demo account before sign up.

I will implement more features that helps eBay sellers!