Important Notice From The Desk Of Raymond  Riddell
“Our prices on Some items may seem higher at first glance than competitors.
The Reason.
We pay shipping.
We pay taxes (Excluding unexpected/unknown fees such as Border Fees collected at delivery).
Needed to enjoy a great "Out Of The Box" user experience.
No added shopping for Accessories that you feel are necessary.
Buying our "All Inclusive Bundle Package" is the Best Option compared to ordering a basic product...
Say a Camera with a Battery and a Charger but probably “Nothing More.”
Our Goal is to provide You, Our Customer, with the
Finest Products, Most Economical Secure Shopping Experience that we can offer.
Each product displayed includes Full Specifications,
Description of all included accessories,
Prices in USD/CAD Currency.
Researched Customer Savings and Full Details of included Bonuses and
24/7 Customer Service Phone Number and Policies.
We invite you to Compare the Little Shop of Photos to other merchants.
Enjoy your stroll.”
Best regards
Raymond Riddell
My Ultimate Goal For This Business.
When I began building my online store my goal was simply to earn an extra income.
That "Mindset" has changed.
I intend to use as much Net Profit as I am able,  to help provide “Clean Water” anywhere in the world that its legal and possible to use this one inexpensive method to collect purified rainwater.
The information will be free.
It's already used in an area where no fresh water is available.
As my business grows, and (expert opinions are that it will)
The Little Shop of Photos will set up a “Self Funded Foundation”, that will find a way to give the needed materials directly to the people who need them.
This is my ultimate desire.
Raymond Riddell