The Litvin Law Firm, represents clients with business and personal concerns, and/or real estate needs. We practice throughout the Florida and New York area. We are licensed in Florida and New York courts.

At the Litvin Law Firm, we take a very comprehensive approach to your legal needs. We will always consider the impact of any legal decision on your personal and business life and advise you accordingly.

We review and prepare all the paperwork necessary to complete both commercial and residential real estate transactions. We draft mortgage agreements, notes, liens and deeds. Our real estate practice works with lease and eviction matters, land use issues and development and construction agreements.

Our business and commercial practice includes advising clients on the best choice of business form, whether it be a partnership, corporation or some form of limited liability organization. We review, draft and file all necessary documentation, including articles of incorporation, corporate minutes and resolutions and all forms of business contracts.

When you are facing an impossible debt load and your creditors don't have any interest in working with you to find a solution, don't feel like you have no options. Help is available and you may have a way to get back on the right financial path. We are experienced in negotiating and settling consumer unsecured debt and second mortgage liens. We are able to settle down your balances to a fair and manageable amount, sometimes as low as half of what you owe. However, when we decide that Consumer bankruptcy is your best and only viable option, will prepare you for the decision and process. If bankruptcy is the only thing left for you, an experienced personal bankruptcy attorney can help you understand the process and what to expect along the way. We help clients in all types of consumer bankruptcy matters, including foreclosure, repossession and many others.

If you are facing bank foreclosure, don't feel like you have no options and that losing your home is inevitable. You first need to hire an attorney that can help answer your foreclosure. Do not become part of a statistic that shows over 95% of foreclosures go unanswered. Filing an answer will provide you with an opportunity to negotiate with your lending institution and modify your loan to keep you in the hom. Also, filing for bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure action and give you time to get your affairs in order. Time is of the essence in these matters, and it is important to speak to an experienced foreclosure attorney as soon as possible.

Our experience ranges in several of the following fields and more:

   *      Foreclosure Defense
   *      Personal Injury
   *      Immigration
   *      Corporate Matters
   *      DWI / DUI Defense

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