Live 2 B Healthy® Senior Fitness seeks to inspire older generations to live longer, healthier lives. Our company has been at the forefront of the senior fitness movement since 2008 by offering on-site fitness to senior housing communities.

Working with residents of all shapes and ability levels, the Live 2 B Healthy® Senior Fitness Team has witnessed miraculous social and physical benefits for elder care residents. We’re proud to bring senior fitness services to residential residential communities, allowing them to support a healthier lifestyle for residents.

Driven by a passion to create better senior housing experiences, Live 2 B Healthy® Senior Fitness owner Cory Czepa designed the program to coax sedentary residents into enjoyable, sociable opportunities to stretch limbs and joints - as well as stretch individual comfort levels in new social situations.

The result is increased strength and endurance (as evidenced by twice yearly physical tests) as well as increased emotional resilience and sociability.

Our services complement a community’s Activities Director gatherings by creating additional socialization opportunities for seniors while building residents’ balance, mobility, flexibility and strength.

Not only do our programs benefit individual seniors: residential communities enjoy reduced turnover, improved socialization and more independent residents.

Company History: Founded by sports professional Cory Czepa, the company has been steadily growing around the United States since 2008. In order to bring Live 2 B Healthy® Senior Fitness to the USA’s growing population of seniors, the company adopted a franchise business model in 2010. In 2011, Cory brought in a team of partners to ensure that the company’s rapid growth continues just as smoothly.

Our Vision: “Bridge to Renewed Wellness.”

Our Mission:  “To provide a proven, flexible approach to wellness through education, fitness and community."

Through our franchise partners (please see http://franchise.live2bhealthy.com) we offer fitness, wellness education, community-building and more. We work with individual residential communities, as well as large housing organizations. To learn more please visit www.live2bhealthy.com.