The Live Oak Story

We started Live Oak Bank in 2007 to provide veterinary business loans to small, independent businesspeople looking to expand, remodel, refinance and/or acquire an existing practice. From the beginning, we took a personal approach and saw our clients not as numbers, but as real people facing real-life opportunities and challenges. We offered big bank expertise and experience without big bank attitudes. It worked - for us as well as our clients - and we expanded our veterinary funding programs to serve the needs of private pharmacies and dental offices.

Today, Live Oak has clients across America, but we still see each one as an individual entrepreneur who deserves our undivided attention. We're their bank and we take that responsibility very personally.

Veterinary Business Loans:

Live Oak Bank's team has provided veterinary business loans for more than 20 years.  We understand your industry, speak your language and know the issues unique to your business - huge advantages in evaluating funding options. When you work with us, you'll spend less time on veterinary clinic financing and more time caring for animals. Live Oak is your bank, whether you're fresh out of veterinarian school, starting a new practice, remodeling or expanding.

Dental Practice Loans:

Live Oak has more than two decades of experience providing small healthcare practice financing. When we expanded our lending programs to specifically serve dentists, we brought loan specialists on board who know the industry and are well-equipped to address the issues you face. Whether you need help funding a startup, expanding, remodeling, refinancing or purchasing commercial property for building, we'll be with you every step of the way.

Independent Pharmacy Loans:

You take care of people in the community; Live Oak takes care of financing your dreams.  We have 20+ years of experience providing loans to small healthcare practices, which means you can move forward with confidence. When you're ready to expand, refinance, remodel, or buy an existing pharmacy, you can rely on Live Oak Bank. We're your partner, and seeing you succeed is success for us.