Living Your Choice was born out of the love and respect we have for our senior citizens. Our team is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people who are aging. We believe that choosing the right type of senior-living community is an important decision that can make a positive difference for each person.

Our mission is to aid in this decision-making process, which can often be emotionally difficult and confusing. We provide a hands-on approach customized for each individual by focusing on the life they lived as well as their vision for the future.

Angela Neale Clark founded Living Your Choice in 2015, after having spent over two decades counseling thousands of families who were making this difficult life-stage transition. Over the course of her career she observed firsthand how the experience can be an amazing progression when handled properly.
Mrs. Clark’s passion for working with the elderly has been carefully passed on to the staff members, all of whom are extensively trained to appreciate that each person is unique and important. At Living Your Choice, we believe that an individual’s life must be understood and honored in order to find the best possible community-living match.

More About Angela Neale Clark, CEO

Living Your Choice is based on the sole mission of helping seniors handle this often difficult and confusing life-transition easier. As Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Clark believes strongly in providing options that match with an individual’s past experience as well as their vision of the future. This approach guides our service model.

Over the course of her 20-plus years in the senior living industry, Mrs. Clark has been dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of seniors. Prior to founding Living Your Choice, she held executive level positions with several top-rated providers. She has led thousands of industry leaders by serving as a champion for the individual during the decision-making process in choosing senior-living options.

Mrs. Clark’s heart is committed to making a difference with seniors every day. As a service in the community, she founded Aging Freedom, a non-profit organization that aids seniors who struggle financially to meet their care and lifestyle needs.

Angela Neale Clark received a Bachelor of Science degree and is a Registered Nurse from the University Kansas. Later she completed an MBA with a concentration in Marketing.