Load Impact simplifies and automates load testing for agile software development teams. Our easy-to-use SaaS solutions are used by organizations from all corners of the world to test the performance of websites, apps and APIs. They deliver better performing software to market faster and at lower cost.

We make performance testing available early and throughout the software development lifecycle. Developers find and fix performance issues early in the development process with our local execution mode. This is when the cost to fix performance issues is the lowest. QA teams leverage our Cloud Execution service to run large load tests and stress tests prior to production. This ensures that their systems can handle periods of peak traffic.

Our automated load testing results analysis features are an industry first and help customers quickly pinpoint performance issues.

By integrating with leading Continuous Integration tools, Load Impact enables customers to automate load testing as part of their standard CI pipeline. This promotes continuous load testing. Customers can quickly uncover performance regressions by analyzing the performance trend across multiple test runs.

Improved performance means increased customer satisfaction with the website, or application. This drives higher revenue and reduced churn for our customers.