Our award winning software product,  is the most widely recognized and distributed loan modification software product on the market today.  was developed by a group of highly seasoned financial professionals who desired to pave the way for the average homeowner and in effect put them on an even playing field with professional modification companies and law offices and more importantly, give homeowners the tools necessary to get the results they desire through their bank or lender directly.

Simply put, If you are a homeowner who desires a loan modification and are frustrated with trying to deal with your lender and have questions about how to present your information to them or worse yet been offered a temporary forbearance plan or repayment plan that actually increases your monthly payment, you need .

LoanMod Pro is the proud recipient of the following awards:
2008 ACE Award Achievement in Customer Excellence
Keystone Award for outstanding product 2008 – Software Source Today
100 Best Software Products of 2008 – Software Review Magazine
FIAA Outstanding Product Award – Financial Software Times
Best Buy Award – Editors Choice
Top 10 Reviews – PCA Choice
Customer Support Award 2009 – CRM Poll
CARE Award – Community Outreach Coalition (C.O.C)

Client Testimonials

"I've heard that the success lies in financial representation. So I was so nervous about providing everything the lender would need to process my modification. This solved that concern and it practically did the work for me! Thank you!"

Jeremy and Shannon – San Jose, CA
"This software is so great. All I had to do was plug the numbers in and it printed a report showing me what my new payment would be! I sent everything to Chase and the process was completed in less than a month! I have a new lower payment and this software helped me accomplish that!"

Shelley and David – Indigo, CA
"I didn't really know that I was eligible for modification. I bought the software because a friend told me about it and I actually saved $300 on my mortgage. This software is great because it does the work for you. I didn't even have to call Litton Loans."

Rose and Gary – Aztec, NM
"I have battled and battled with Countrywide and they would not help me at all! I bought the software after calling customer service to ask a few questions. I could not be happier be with my new payment. I got my interest rate lowered to 3%!"

Travis and Jenny – Richmond, TN
"I submitted my modification packet to Bank of America and they could not tell me if I qualified. After following up for 3 months I gave up. I saw an ad for this software and thought "what do I have to lose?" I plugged in my financial information and it showed me not only that I qualified but what my new payment was. I regret not doing this first. Definitely recommend. "

Reese and Bo – Sioux Falls, SD
"GMAC told me they did not have any programs that I qualified for. Come to find out my liabilities were only $100 over the requirement for modification. After tailoring my financials just a little I was able to qualify. The software did it for me; it's just too bad my lender wasn't looking out for me."

Rob and Sariah Goude – Fresno, CA
"I started looking at loan modification companies but I could not afford an attorney. I bought the software for $300 and it was worth it! Had I not used it I would have paid too much for an attorney or dealt with the headache of working with my mortgage company speaking to someone different every time."

Guy and Susan Tote – Tampa, FL
"I was not behind on my payments so I didn't think I was eligible for a modification. I had a friend who bought the program to get their information over to their mortgage company and she was successful. I'm self employed and make quite a bit of money. It would have taken me a month to get everything together to submit to my lender. After submitting the report to Bank of America, I got my modification agreement in the mail in only 20 days! I know it cut the work in half and I'm very thankful I bought it."
Amanda and Matthew Hardy – Orlando, FL
"I am always more confident when I have control. I was nervous to just give ASC my tax information and all these personal documents not knowing what they would do with it. I researched quite a bit and I found this software. I had complete control over my information and I was able to do it myself without talking to ANOTHER bank employee. "
Skye and JB Holcomb – Fort Meyers, CA
"My interest rate was 9%, but I was not behind on my mortgage and my mortgage company actually told me I needed to stop making payments to be considered??? I am a very organized person and I liked what this software had to offer so I bought it and it helped us get a fixed rate of 5.65%. Turns out I didn't have to be late. THANKS BANK OF AMERICA!"