Re-powering Green Cities

Local Power Inc. is an Energy Service Bureau helping cities adopt, implement and manage Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) energy networks.

LPI's founders created Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), Solar Bonds and other major tools for green cities. More than any other tool, CCA represents a revolution in the way power is generated and sold, allowing any community to build a new green energy infrastructure, diversify their electric power away from fossil fuels and nuclear power, and achieve energy independence and sustainability, all at the same prices that your utility now charges for conventional fossil and nuclear power. With Local Power, you need no longer choose between competitively priced power and green power.

Clean, Reliable, Affordable Power for Cities

When it comes to your city's supply of energy, you have a choice: business as usual, or the Local Power solution.

Local Power is a full-service energy services bureau that helps America?s cities and counties accelerate the development of competitively-priced, utility-scale, privately-operated clean energy projects. By leveraging the typical American city?s high credit rating and tax-free borrowing status, Local Power can:

   * Cut the cost of renewable energy projects like wind farms and solar panels by 50 percent or more;
   * Take advantage of cutting-edge energy efficiency and demand response technologies to ease the burden on public utilities and improve system reliability and environmental performance; and
   * Provide private sector incentives for the creation of local clean energy jobs and keep energy dollars circulating in the local economy.

By working with Local Power, your city can:

   * Contribute to the growth of the renewable energy industry;
   * Attract investment and new, "green collar" manufacturing jobs;
   * Create a more sustainable economy; and
   * Reduce the harmful greenhouse gas pollution that causes global warming.

Local Power helps your city achieve these goals — and still provides competitively-priced electricity to area businesses and residents. Local Power will further manage the package at no extra expense to the consumer and no additional infrastructure oversight.

New Markets for Clean Technologies

Local Power can help clean energy technology developers, manufacturers, installers and service providers scale their products and services for city- and county-wide deployment. By aggregating tens to hundreds of thousands of energy customers into a single energy services contract, Local Power works with clean energy companies at every step of the supply chain to accelerate their corporate growth, drive down unit costs and rapidly expand market share.

By partnering with Local Power, your company can reach millions of new customers in America's largest and most lucrative energy markets — the urban centers and surrounding areas that are driving demand for environmentally-sound energy technologies.