The Comprehensive Marketing Approach Difference

As a small business owner, you have limited, sometimes severely limited resources available to invest in marketing, advertising, and promotional expense. In most cases that number might be between $1000 and $10,000 per month. The average owner will now spend those funds based on what has been working in the past, or at least what seems to be working, pure habit, or a great sales pitch in person, by phone, or online.

If you were to review your expenditures for these items today, I would expect that almost 100% of the money is going for some kind of advertisement that will be "used up" at the end of the month, year, or even the one day it hits mailboxes or the paper.

Moreover, most of those efforts are designed to promote a single idea, product, service or sale.

Finally, almost all small business owners tell me that they have no tracking or other way to determine if their money is getting them any kind of return on investment.

All of this changes with the use of an outside marketing consultant who provides comprehensive services the way we do at Randy Kirk & Associates.

First we start with determining what you want to accomplish, personally and for the company. No marketing campaign should ever be undertaken prior to determining the purpose of the spending. How we proceed will be very different for a company who wants to double sales with little concern about profits for now, and a company who is planning to sell and want to maximize their profits and proof of assets.

Next, we have a huge background and experience in what works and doesn't work, and based on over 100 client experiences in 2011 alone, this information is fresh. Other potential resources will give you examples of success, but these may not be relevant to your business. We shape your business to the marketing approach, not force you into some mold that suits our preferences.

Third, we have no axe to grind. We don't make our living based on the vehicle we use to promote you and your company. In other words, unlike a Yellow Pages salesman, we will not push you towards some product where we make money. We will direct your expenditures into whatever place that we believe will provide you with the best ROI and get the results you want.

Fourth, most of the things we do are going to provide results for a very long time. Your website, blog, YouTube videos, directory listings, articles, pr releases and Facebook page will, once created, continue to sell for you for months or years into the future. YouTube videos that we created three years ago are still driving business to our own company as well as our client's businesses.

Fifth, you and your staff will be trained in many of these tools. To the extent that you desire to do some of the work internally, it allows us to focus on those approaches that you do not want to do with your company resources. We provide tutorials and in person training on everything from sales motivation to videos and articles on how to blog.

Sixth, in this environment, building your trust in the eyes of your potential client is a major part of marketing. Between review sites and YouTube, reputation management is a big part of what we do today. Your customer has plenty of access to information about the quality of your company. It is our job to make sure they hear your side of it, loud and clear.

Seventh, we take the entire process personally. If you don't succeed, we consider it to be a direct reflection on our work. Full disclosure. Not everything works all the time, and none of it works as fast as we want it to. However, we are 100% certain that the tools we recommend are state-of-the-art, likely to produce results both long and short term, and we know this because we have dozens of current clients experiencing success at this very moment with the tools.

Eighth, we desire to be more than a supplier. Most of our clients are our friends. They feel comfortable calling or emailing any time of the day or night, knowing we will commonly be there for them on the weekends, too.

The Bonus - You advertising dollars for here-today-gone-tomorrow ads will not increase the value of your enterprise, other than to the extent that increased profits create increased enterprise value. In much the same way as a good lease on a great location will be part of the value that a potential buyer will pay for when purchasing a retail business or restaurant, so too a robust website, FB, YouTube Channel, Twitter, blog, and email list are all strong "assets" and add actual value to your company at that time of any sale.

Total cost.  Only $750 per month.

If this sounds to you like a smart way for you to get the word out about your business, give me a personal call at 310-910-1848