We provide the e-commerce platform with a combination of world-class systems with inhabitant flavour. But this can only happen when we offer them a good customer base and reach of local markets, and for that, we provide them with their own domain of merchants and SKUs.
But not only merchants, but our primary focus is also on the customers, and this is why at LMO, we provide them offers and discounts which are far more profitable than other corporate retailing. Another critical factor we promise to our customers is the delivery of the quality which they expect from their local merchants. LMO works with the local merchants, so the customers do not require paying extra charges to the third party and get their delivery more cost-effectively than buying it from third-party apps. When you buy from the LMO, you get fast and less delivery (or mostly free) as you purchase it from a nearby Local Market plus you don't need to pay any service charge or additional fee on the LMO as you can buy the way you buy from the Local Markets. The product's price and cost are comparatively lower than other online brands.
The main focus of LMO is on providing a better platform to sell and buy to both merchants and customers. This is why there are no extra subscription charges, no commissions, better quality, and a rapid delivery speed is the promise of LMO to our users. At the same time, the merchant gets more opportunities to grow, so the customers also get a better chance to enjoy the Local Market services from their home. LMO is trying to create a platform where you pay to the vendor who is nearby you and needy instead of unknown vendors and third-party apps. So let's support the local Market vendors and Indian Economy with us on LMO.
For further details, please visit us on www.yourlmo.com.