Created for large campuses or buildings, Locate Solutions helps improve indoor/outdoor navigation for campus visitors using precise location sharing for mobile safety and security alerts, reducing precious time spent tracking assets throughout a campus, or ensuring privacy with encrypted text, video and file exchange. The suite of Enterprise Mobility products addresses the unique needs of large campuses/buildings utilizing the core LŌC8 program. This Integration Platform is delivered in the form of customizable, white-label native apps for iOS, Android and browser-based versions with a cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) to manage and integrate the data for all delivery platforms.

CampuSMART™ leverages LŌC8’s mapping infrastructure combined with strategically-placed Bluetooth Low Energy beacons deployed throughout a facility to not only let users know exactly where they are, but also give them live, step-by-step directions for the most efficient route to their destination. This service simplifies hot-desking/room hoteling, rising trends in building and campus management.

The CampuSAFE™ platform enables secure/private communication between the safety supervisors and security officers. One of the most popular features is the “SOS” button which allows a user who feels threatened by a situation to alert authorities, friends and family to their exact location, inside or out, and request assistance.

CampuSEARCH™ helps prevent organizations from losing productivity due to staff time spent searching for personnel and assets, both mobile (vehicles, wheelchairs, beds, maintenance equipment, etc.) and fixed (enterprise printers, HVAC units, network equipment, etc.).

CampuSHARE™ is a HIPAA-compliant communication solution that incorporates access controls to ensure only the intended recipient can access messages, calls and video. All users of the platform are in a private network to ensure communications are not accidentally sent to unauthorized individuals.