Luke Lockart, the founder of Lockart Enterprises LLC, frequents kava bars across South Florida in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area. His first experience with kava was when his friend, Kali, explained the drink from southwest Asia to him, and he was intrigued. So, they went to the Purple Lotus in Miami Beach, FL. From the moment he stepped across the threshold from reality to the "kava world", he has never looked back.

Mr. Lockart has found there was clear indications of an unstable foundation across the kava and kratom industries. He believes in order to achieve a strong foundation for industrial growth is to lobby local, state, and federal officials using a "common sense regulation approach". He has been drafting procedures that must take place and moreover, how to properly educate the general public on the kava and kratom products.

Lockart Enterprises also consults with small business owners within the kava and kratom industry and also launched a kava bar management division.

Lastly, Lockart Enterprises is creating certificate programs for kava bar owners, managers, kavatenders, and bar-backs, to become certified in tending kava (similarly to standard bartending certificates) to alleviate the liability for the bar owners and management.

Lockart Enterprises LLC is based in Sunny Isles Beach, FL and has capabilities to work with the industry across the country.