Locust Quilt & Crafts vision is to;
Reach out and engage the quilting and crafting community in providing support to those in need while promoting the talents of the handcrafting community through the love of art, quilting, needlework, beading and crafting through;
• Education - To increase understanding of the rich variety, artistic value, cultural and historical significance, and continuing relevance of Quilting, Needlework, Beading and Crafting among educators, media, and the general public.
• Networking – To provide a bridge to and from quilting, needlework, beading and crafting organizations needed resources; and, to help those organizations link with their constituencies.
•Field Development – To support and encourage the development of new and existing grassroots quilters, needleworers, beaders, crafters and artisan organizations.
•Professional Development -To strengthen the effectiveness of handcrafting business by providing professional development opportunities.